Founder and Executive Director of MAS quoted in Seattle Times

‘The Routes of Slavery’ traces a musical journey of resilience in the face of inhumanity

Joined by a global array of musicians, music researcher and virtuoso Jordi Savall traces the relevant story of the African diaspora and its musical legacy across centuries and continents in “The Routes of Slavery.”

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“The most monstrous of all the man-made institutions created throughout history.”

Musician and researcher Jordi Savall’s apt description of slavery underscores the sense of grave responsibility that inspired the performance project he and his colleagues are bringing to Seattle as part of a current U.S. tour.

Titled “The Routes of Slavery,” this multicultural performance of music and dance, interspersed with dramatic readings, features artists from Africa, the Americas and Europe. Together, the artists trace the journey of enslaved peoples from 1444 to 1888, showcasing the musical traditions they brought with them and how these cross-pollinated with other indigenous cultures during the African Diaspora. It will be jointly presented by Early Music Seattleand Seattle Symphony on Nov. 6 at Benaroya Hall.


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