MAS – Movimiento Afrolatino Seattle is an an umbrella organization created by Afrolatino communities and artists that appreciate Afrolatino arts and culture coming together to ensure the sustainability of ongoing cultural and education arts activities focused on Afrolatinos and open to anyone who is interested in learning and preserving this rich cultural heritage.

Hence our shared vision: “We are stronger united than we are divided”.

MÁS Objectives:

By providing programs centered on Afro-Latino arts, culture and spiritual practices (through song) as tools to empower, eradicate racism and to increase the visibility and contributions of Afro Latinos in Seattle everyone benefits. Regardless of their racial or ethnic backgrounds, our programs, events and season create an alternative to the influences of education systems that reproduce racial stereotypes and will promote inclusion, and empowerment across generations and ethnic groups

MÁS believe that  Afrolatino educational and artistic programs we will:

  1. Provide visibility (through various means) that empowers Afrolatinos to voice their experiences, share and compare their collective histories of diaspora
  2. Provide a community based and community oriented hub for Afrolatino arts, something nonexistent in the west coast
  3. Help build bridges among diasporas (Afrolatino, Latinos, African American, immigrant populations)
  4. Help create stronger and more connected communities and provide rootedness to Latinos
  5. Imbue the larger local artistic community and cultural landscape with richer components
  6. Fill educational gaps and instill the larger community with new insights and holistic opportunities for participation through performing arts